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Woodland Advantage/Sortir du Bois is looking for people ages 18-45 who would like to gain work experience over a 20 to 24 week periodPAID

The initiative aims to promote integration into the workforce

Admissibility is determined based upon criteria established by Emploi-Québec

In Summary

For more than 20 years, Woodland Advantage/Sortir du bois’ aim has been the social and professional integration of people requiring a gateway to employment or aid in returning to school.

Woodland Advantage/Sortir du Bois is an employment company accredited by Emploi-Québec and recognized as a socio-economic business by the MRC Pontiac. Social integration is our mission and we are unique in that we combine our integration and training components with a true economic activity, while remaining a non-profit organization. The specific nature of our company is that it responds to the needs for training and supports people with difficulties integrating the labour market. We are a “gateway” company offering trainees, aged 18 to 45, an opportunity to participate in a 24 week experience. This experience allows them to acquire specific, transferable skills and knowledge for the labour market, while providing them with support during their social and professional integration process.


Summer of 1998, the Club de recherche d’emploi du Pontiac or CREP (also known as the Pontiac Job Search Club set up the Woodland Advantage/Sortir du Bois integration business. This pilot project, initially funded by the Fonds de lutte contre la pauvreté (FLCP) aimed to create a bridge between the potential workforce and the employers in the forest industry whose need for skilled workers was increasing. Activities started with a project involving the cutting of firewood, but then evolved rapidly. After a few years of operation under the FLCP program, and then with the Ministère de la Main-d’œuvre et de la Sécurité du revenu, the CREP chose to make a financial investment and set up a forest services company and a carpentry workshop. During this period, the progressive development of forestry and silvicultural services legitimized the status of the business within the community. The exploited areas filled a void with both private landowners and other forest service providers. For the first time, owners of farms, homes and cottages had a team specializing in the cleaning of grounds at their disposal.

In 2000, in order to meet the needs of Woodlands Advantage/Sortir du Bois two activity components (forestry and carpentry), the CREP acquired a building. This major investment was followed by a second injection of capital for the acquisition of carpentry equipment, in addition to the replacement of certain work tools for the forestry sector. The carpentry component was closed in 2010 so that the team could focus on the forestry division.

These investments made by CREP, totalling over $150,000, allowed for the development of a permanent structure that has solidly anchored Woodland Advantage/Sortir du Bois at the heart of the economic activities in the Pontiac forestry sector.

In December 2009, we took a very important step; the Regional Directorate of Emploi-Québec formalized our employment company’s certification, concluding that Woodland Advantage/Sortir du bois met all the criteria.
Emploi Québec supports approximately 95% of participants’ payroll and 70% of the management staff. We assume all production costs from our self-generated revenue.

For nearly 20 years, Sortir du bois/Woodland Advantage, our integration business, has provided forest-related services and, from time to time, ventures into farming. We undertake various silvicultural maintenance jobs, firewood production, curbside and field cleaning and trail maintenance. Since 2016, Woodland Advantage/Sortir du bois serves a clientele between 18 to 45 years of age, and within the most recent service offer, we are actively striving to increase the proportion of women who participate.

In order to maintain a good work and learning volume for our workers in training, we have been creative in developing strong and varied partnerships with the community: Fonds de lutte contre la pauvreté, municipalities, private companies, MTQ, MRC , Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP), etc. These partnerships allow us to diversify our economic activity and increase our self-generating revenue, in addition to offering qualifying training for our mentored workers.

We continue to produce, prepare and market firewood. This wood is sold in preassembled bundles and is 100% ecological. This small project allows us to vary the work experience offered to the trainees.

We also explore various industries, depending upon the interest and experience of our participants. For example: horticulture (greenhouse work, garden centers, landscaping, fruit or vegetable picking, etc.), or services in small businesses or community organizations, etc. These activities take the form of internships or labour rentals, and are supervised by a Woodland Advantage/Sortir du Bois worker. The ultimate goal is to convert the internship into sustainable employment for the participant and the employer, or to direct the participant towards a return to school. This variety of services allows us to interest participants who want to get work experience in areas other than forestry.

The integration business also teaches trainees to:

  • Integrate themselves in the work place
  • Occupy a place as a worker
  • Play an active role within the community
  • Develop favourable habits and attitudes towards their objective of social integration
  • Have a positive work experience

As for future employers, they can count on a workforce that is better prepared to face the realities of the job market.

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